Our Story

Idego grew out of a passion for coffee and the relationships built around it. We sought out the best coffees from the best roasteries in the country (and beyond) as we focused on providing a better experience and drinks than what we were finding. This relentless pursuit of 'better' paid off and we quickly watched our customer base grow.

As we pushed for forward, it became clear that there we would need to roast our own coffees in order to meet our quality goals. We purchased an antique Probat in 2018 and spent a year refurbishing it, modernizing it, and customizing it as we experimented and learned how to repeatably roast excellent single origins and espresso that met our high expectations.

Our Quality

From our inception, we have been obsessed with better. Better beans, drinks, consistency, and a better customer experience. This obsession drove us to make our own chocolate ganache from scratch for the best Mocha we've ever had. It drove us to make our own Chai as well as all of our own syrups. This control over all of our ingredients allows us to ensure a consistently high level of quality that other coffee shops just can't match.